Supporting the evolving individual through gentle structural chiropractic care and heart oriented wellness serving the Monterey Peninsula.

The physical and emotional manifestations of our lives can at times be overwhelming and may prevent us from successfully moving forward towards deeper meaning, connection and purpose.  We are often geared towards helping and nurturing others and feel too vulnerable to reach out when we ourselves are in need of care. Many times we withdraw and try to manage by ourselves with the attitude of “ the show must go on”. This only leads to further depletion, disconnect and repression of our most authentic nature. However, the body holds the unease in ways that may express as Neck and Back Pain, Insomnia, High blood pressure, Weight gain, Allergies, Headaches, TMJ dysfunction, Anxiety, Depression, Memory loss, Sciatica, Tingling and Numbness in extremities, Chronic Fatigue, Hiatal Hernia, Chest pains, Inability to experience physical and emotional pleasure, and so much more.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

What if you could navigate your everyday life with a little more ease and aliveness?

This wellness path supports those who are seeking opportunities for self healing and exploration in balancing and strengthening your physical and psycho emotional body while awakening to a greater authentic personal performance.

The application of these holistic therapeutic modalities are based on modern scientific technology and ancient healing arts practices.


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Ronda LaRue

“Doctor Sandra Beddor is one of those rare and truly gifted healers. She is well-trained and knowledgeable in the body/mind energies, structures, and systems of healing as a highly skilled chiropractor of over 20 years in her own private practice, and to which she has added an impressive list of additional depth study and training.  Sandra is technically very knowledgeable and bright as a physician. “Sandra’s gift as a teacher and master healer is for those who are curious about their struggles and who meet life and the call to inner peace, clarity of direction, meaningful life purpose, resorted vitality and self-love as a journey and process of ever evolving wisdom and insight.  There is no ending to wholeness: There is rather, an awaking to the inspired heart, and a love affair with the one true journey: the journey of “Remembering Who You Really Are”.

-Ronda LaRue, Center for Soul Arts

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“KDennis Luceyeeping up with these kind of monthly maintenance visits seems to help me avoid the dramatic pain type episodes! In your treatment, I really felt the depth of your very specific yet personal touch went deeper and broader than the little gun that other chiropractors use. I felt my body responding. After the treatment I felt a lot of energy, and appreciated your advice to take it easy and let it sink in. After that, I felt my whole back seemed a lot freer and flowing.”

-Dennis Lucey