Not too Much, but always Enough.


I am looking back on this past year and wondering what I really did and what Life did. It has been a journey of much effort and much practice of letting go and settling back into the natural flow in my life. Not an easy task for a DOER. Even after 20 years of a sitting meditation practice I am still, like many others, challenged by the simple, but difficult task of LETTING GO. It is in my blood to DO. The Vikings where DOERS. I was born and raised in Sweden during a time when girls where expected to grow up to become beautiful, strong, intelligent, successful, independent, maternal, and still be ordinary, NOT unruly, wild, intense and extraordinary. So most of my adult life has been about finding the balance between these two polarities. A life of “efforting” and inner turmoil. Never feeling Enough. Experiencing only the lack of “perfection” in this old model I was still holding myself up again.

This past year I experienced a very humbling journey that invited me back to the path of “ Less Effort” and “ Always Enough “. That I could rest into Life and know personally that I have enough, I am enough and that there is this Divine and Whole part of me that is Perfect just the way I am. That my life sans efforting is still beautiful, magical, and very much worth falling into…

What would it take to NOT DO TOO MUCH and still know that it’s ALWAYS ENOUGH?

“You can trust this. Trust this day, this moment, this breath. You can drop the big story, letting it all unfold as it will, quietly stepping out of the way.” Kirna, Mystic Girl in the City


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