Course Correcting Equals New Momentum!

Course correcting equals New Momentum.98a08aa1c05c1d5e579e4e95e1b346b9

When ever you course correct, change direction or stop and let go of something that is no longer fueling your desired goals in life…you inevitably open up space for a new path of momentum. This initial momentum has A HUGE FORCE. It’s liken to a slingshot that has been pulled back and then finally released. As this momentum has electromagnetic properties it will attract onto you people, places and circumstances that may inspire and fuel your launch into the new direction.  However, it is extremely important at the beginning of this movement that you anchor into the “flavor” of it. That you become intimately connected to it’s rhythm and wisdom. So that you may optimize it’s potential that it carries for you. This means that you need to practice discipline over your old thought patterns and addictive behaviors that distracts you and deflates the power of the new momentum. In the beginning the momentum carries a lot of ease and flow which allows you to first of all recognize it and then start to relax into it with confidence.

Once, you have oriented yourself into the new direction and straddled the wave of new possibilities you need to keep the ride going. How so? Well, the law of nature show us that single minded focus and concentration of a particular energy becomes more powerful.

Words from Rory Vaden,

“ if you lay a piece of paper down on the asphalt on a hot summer day, nothing would happen to it, but if you held a magnifying glass between the paper and the sun, the paper would catch on fire. Why? Because, the magnifying principle simple states one of life’s most important truths, that Focus Is Power.”

This new focus is not about more efforting, it’s actually about more stillness and subtle adjustments of your perspective. It’s about holding still while embracing the new feeling and allowing this new feeling to set the standard as your new guide post. Your job is to create the space and time for the momentum to have it’s full cycle. It might mean that you need to identify first what NOT TO DO, then and only then feel into WHAT TO DO next as you keep courting the new FEELING. Even if it’s slight at times…kind of like a sense memory of some delicious meal you ate in the past. Go back to it and use it as a tool to help you create that feeling in the present moment in all that you do or are planning to do. If you think you lost the momentum, you probably got distracted with other things, ideas or activities that does not support it and you need to stop and allow stillness back into your awareness so that you may listen and feel it’s flavor again. Don’t move until you have caught up with the wave enough for you to stand up on the board and ride it again. But, remember too much movement and you’re off!!! …not enough movement, you’re off again!!! The truth is we all fall off, but the important thing to remember is that it’s more about grace, stillness and concentrated awareness than it is about physical and mental efforting…and please, remember that the more we do it the easier it gets. Practice makes Progress!!!      Enjoy the Wave of your new potential!!!

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