Healing the unseen.

9d9d96895e59cef4ac9e012bc78f4d59I believe in my BELOVED

In the deepest of my soul I believe in my beloved, I believe in my beloved like I believe in my breath, I feel my beloved, because I yearn, I ache, I feel comforted and in bliss I know my beloved and in ecstasy I am my beloved, most of the time I am left with a yearning of my beloved, and the hope of my beloved, hope that every day will be the day when my beloved comes home, the day when I will come home to my beloved, I believe…

I believe, as I believe in the beat of my heart, as I believe in the kiss of the wind, the sound of the ocean wave, the scent of the blossoms, the sweetness of the honey, the warmth of the sun and the stirring of the moonlight and the wetness of the morning dew, I believe in my beloved, I believe…

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