Healing the unseen.

Journal entry from the sky above Skaneateles, N.Y.

Kissing Pebbles.

I see it. I can smell it. I can hear it. Oh, is it ever so8e3fdded299f1d568c441e5f1767e32b
magnificent! Big, strong and beckoning. Is it calling my name? Does it
need my attention? My body seems to think so. I move closer until I’m
standing at the edge. My breath is growing faster and I feel my
insides quiver. I move forward. I feel the flat pebbles welcoming my
feet with kisses as I walk into the cold wetness of the lake. My
breath is hard to follow now as my body contracts around it. The
beating of my heart is echoing in each and every cell of my
body…something is coming alive. I’m having thoughts of abandoning my
skin which is growing colder and more uncomfortable by each gasping
breath. I don’t have to do this!…yes, I do…I so desperately do! I
can not resist the seduction of the waves promise while they are
relentlessly crashing into my shivering body and motioning me to come
further…to come deeper….to come. In a mad second of surrender and
ecstasy I release myself into the arms of the lake…and here I am set

In my new found freedom I am not alone. The most beautiful mermaid I
have ever seen is swimming and playing around me. She dives, she
swirls and she splashes…and for a split second our eyes meet…and
for that split second I see the magical mystery of all the universes.
She turns and dives into the deep. I swim to shore knowing I will
never be the same.

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