At times, I do feel that life is so extraordinarily simple in it’s complexity. At times I feel as an idealist,16a484f1ebf7fde0e6a546531ad47511 I may simplify events and circumstances as a gesture of practicing faith in my very simple approach to life…LOVE IS ALL. It is my religion. It is my deepest calling. It is my Dharma, It is my life’s lesson. Accepting that LOVE IS ALL, in ALL things. One thing I know about myself is that I am best when in active Bhakti. I love and like myself best then. I feel lighter and the burden of walking this earthly walk next to others is more bearable. The heaviness of this web of life that we have collectively weaved can be embraced with a deep understanding and compassion. It is only through my heart that my spirit can sing my song. It is only from there that I can hear my echo of eternity. It is only from there that I can be present to the current experience of life within and without. It is only from there that I can access the past future. Where I can sit in light and consciousness of my Beloved as she roars her roar, sings her song and walks her walk of victory and liberation. Now what does all this look like in real time present moment?….I don’t know…it is to be lived one courageous YES at a time. One prayer at a time. One sacred breath at a time.

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