Body Musing

This is a process that allows an individual to be heard, witnessed and supported on their  path through transformative and challenging times. There is never just one way to follow your hearts yearning and most inner desires. But sometimes we contract around our own life to the point that we are not able to access the perspective we need to help us move forward in any direction.

This could be one of those times to reach out and receive support on “seeing” what is really moving in ones life and what is not, and how can the life that is being lived right now be infused with more authenticity and compassion.

Someone once said “it takes a village to raise a child” well, it has been my experience that it also “takes a village to raise once inner child”. That is the part of us that has not yet integrated into our adult way of living, in a way that is empowering and celebratory. The “inner child” that I am referring more directly to is the “nature” or “essence” of an individual that may or may not be fully lived and expressed in their lives. It is the part that holds it’s seat in the depth of the heart. Underneath all the heart breaks and heart aches that life offers us as human beings. It is very real and at times overwhelms most of us. This is why we often look for a way to heal and move through it. The path that I know is the path that begins at the heart. It would be my honor to consult with you regarding how to apply this healing path to your own everyday life and journey.

A spiritual practice is usually the foundation in a persons evolutionary journey. For most of us it is our “Temple”. Working with both the structural and the energetic qualities of the heart, I refer to the heart as our “Inner Temple”. It has four chambers that is the pillar of our spiritual practice. In the center of our practice is Open Hearted Awakening.The journey of open heart awakening is supported through the different aspects represented in the four chambers as followed…

The first heart chamber represents your own spiritual practice. Your active daily honoring of living the commitment to self awakening and voluntary evolution. This could be meditation, silence or stillness practices. Prayer, chanting or soul art practices. Sacred movement or being in nature. What ever your personal practices are it should  orient you back to self centeredness and an expanded sense of ease.

The second heart chamber represents the teacher who already lives some aspects of your future potential. This is someone who helps you see the unseeable in yourself. The “Blind spots” It is the subconscious body/mind that is very hard to integrate by yourself due to the inherent nature of the conscious and subconscious relationship.

The third heart chamber represents the intimate circle of friends that are at the same stage of awakening as yourself and whom you feel safe to practice and explore open hearted relationships with.

The forth heart chamber represents the heart oriented community which expresses large possibilities for manifest potential and support. This could for example be your church, your therapist, your doctor or healer, support groups, special interest communities like yoga, healing and creative arts.

The Authentic Living Consultation sessions will most represent the second heart chamber relationship. As this is a holistic approach to life and living we will also take a look at all 4 chambers and what they represent and how they are working in your life.

The sessions are initiated by you via Skype or phone. An initial 15 minute complimentary consultation is offered as an introduction.
Fee schedule for the introductory rate: 1 hr $ 88
Fees are payable via Paypal before each session.


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