Applied Heart Intelligence Class

Applied Heart Intelligence Class

This is an introductory class where we are going to look at the practice and benefits of activating our heart intelligence for transforming stress, fear and depleting thought-patterns into ease, emotional resilience and authentic self awareness.

Using both cardioneurology and ancient healing arts practices to help us move into our hearts. This allows for healing and transformation at the level of our core.

Class One: Theory and Science of Heart Intelligence. Anatomy of the Heart. Science of Heart Coherence. Demonstration of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Heart Tool practice, Wheel of Life Take Home: Heart Tools, Wheel of Life.

Class Two: Heart Lock-In and The Amplified Heart Field. Depletion and Renewal Plan and the role of cognitive and emotional cortical centers as it relates to heart intelligence. Take Home: Heart Tools, Depletion and Renewal Plan.

Class Three: Attitude breathing and Freeze Frame Heart Mantra Technology & Meditation Layers of Life and Co-creation Take Home: Heart Tools, Heart Mantra Meditation.

Come and learn specific tools to transform:

○ Stress into ease
○ Fear into emotional resilience
○ Anxiety into clarity
○ Fatigue into sustained vitality
○ Depression into meaningful actions
○ Burnout into renewal
○ Insomnia into improved sleeping patterns
○ Self-limiting beliefs into authentic self awareness
○ Physical trauma into whole being healing
○ Relationship challenges into opportunity for learning self love and compassion
○ Stagnation into co-creative flow
○ Addictive behavior into conscious empowerment

This is a 3 class series that is on a revolving ongoing basis that you may take individually or as a whole.

Please check our calendar for next scheduled classes and to RSVP or call the office at 858-518-1894.

Fee: $20/class. Material will be provided.

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