Welcome to meditation where you can come and learn how to cultivate ease and vitality in your everyday life.

Please check the schedule for specific dates as they may change from time to time.

Beginners as well as all  levels of meditators are welcomed. Each session will be a different focus i.e. guided meditation, mantra based meditation, mindfulness meditation, heart meditation etc. If you feel that this resonates with you, come join our community in a supportive and loving gesture of self care and rejuvenation. Fee: value based donation (what you feel the value exchange is).

Health benefits of meditation:

○ Reduction in the experience of stress
○ Improvement in stress related disorders
○ Reduction of High Blood Pressure
○ Improved sleeping patterns

○ Improved Digestive Functions
○ Increase in the ability to experience joy
○ Increase in vitality and physical ease
○ Increase in the overall feeling of well-being

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