Heart Coherence Wellness


Build a smoother and more stable heart rhythm for healing your body and your life.

How heart coherence brings about health
Research now shows the profound effect that emotions have on our health and especially our heart. Emotions can either deplete or renew our body systems. The heart has the intelligence and the ability to help restore psychophysiological coherence which provides the body increased efficiency and harmony. This happens when the heart rhythm activity is smooth and stable.

As we shift our awareness to our heart and consciously engage our heart intelligence by building a smoother and more stable heart rhythm, we can learn how to stabilize and manage our emotions, reduce the experience and effect of stress on our body systems and increase our overall physical resilience. As this is being accomplished our vital life force is freed up and available for personal healing and transformation. -”Transforming Stress”,

How is stress affecting you?

○ Tired or fatigued.
○ Anxious or depressed.
○ Difficulty sleeping.
○ Experiencing chronic aches and pains.
○ Have worries about your health, finances, job and relationships.

A Heart Coherence practice helps you stop the drain and transform your:

○ stress, anxiety and worry into ease, clarity and resilience.
○ fatigue, insomnia and burnout into endurance, improved sleep and focused purpose
○ relationship challenges into opportunities for learning self love and compassion

“About 90% of all health problems are related to stress, including heart disease,high blood pressure, stroke, depression and sleep disorders.” -American Institute of Stress

We have ongoing classes in “Applied Heart Intelligence” Please see the schedule for details.

“I just finished taking Dr. Beddor’s Applied Heart Intelligence Class and it is so filled with exceptional and inspirational information that I am going to take it again!   I am 78 years old and yet the concepts Dr. Beddor presents are new to me. She teaches in a very clear and simple style to introduce original ideas that are transformational. Every person should take this class. -Rev. Marcy Ann

Applied Heart Intelligence Class

CLASS_apphcThis is an introductory class where we are going to look at the practice and benefits of activating our heart intelligence for transforming stress, fear and depleting thought patterns into ease, emotional resilience and authentic self awareness. Learn science based heart tools that you can start using immediately for creating health, vitality and authenticity in your lives.

This is a 3 class series that is on a revolving ongoing basis that you may take individually or as a whole. Please, check our calendar for next scheduled class or call 858-518-1894.

Materials will be provided.

Course Outline

Class One:
Theory and science of heart intelligence. Anatomy of the heart. Science of heart coherence. Demonstration of heart rate variability (HRV) and your personal base line potential for health. Heart tools practices.

Class Two:
Heart Tools practices in the amplified heart field. Working with the “depletion and renewal plan”. The role of cognitive and emotional cortical centers as it relates to heart intelligence and letting go of limiting belief systems.

Class Three:
Heart tools practices. Heart mantra technology and meditation. “Layers of life” as it relates to heart intelligence and the universal principles of co-creating your authentic life.

Clinic sessions: Private Heart Coherence therapeutic program.

Heart Coherence Intervention

This is a therapeutic clinical program where you will work one on one with the doctor who will assist with building and establishing an improved heart rate variability (HRV) baseline for wellness and overall optimum performance. This program is for individuals who have particular issues they need support with ie;

○ anxiety
○ hypertension
○ sleeping disorders
○ eating disorders
○ chronic pain
○ depression (except clinical depression)
○ addictions
○ recovery
○ personal performance

Sessions: The program consists of 4 sessions. Initial visit involves consultation, assessment and training. The follow up visits consists of progress evaluation, training and guidance. You will be given particular take home tools to be practiced between sessions. In cases where additional sessions need to be considered the patient would continue on an as needed basis.

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