Bioenergetic Medicine


Bioenergetic Medicine identifies disturbances and blockages in the body’s energy systems and looks to bring about balance and efficiency through attunement of the particular energy systems in question, which then supports the bodies own ability to restore and heal.

“In science today it is being re-discovered that humans are multidimensional organisms with the true universal language of frequency/vibration. Everything living vibrates at a certain frequency. This includes everything from electrons and atoms to tissues and organs and even our thoughts, beliefs, memories and feelings.
All of life depends on the interaction between molecules vibrating through the energy fields.
Humans are made up of many different energy fields and frequencies that interrelate and interconnects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. These energy fields are now being called the Bioenergetic network.

Today’s modern technology has now made it possible to measure and observe these subtle/unseen energy fields and frequencies.”
(Health Naturals)

How Bioenergetic Medicine brings about health
In the allopathic model we work from the outside in which only looks at stabilizing and balancing the body using invasive procedures and pharmacological substances.

In Bioenergetic Medicine we identify disturbances and blockages by evaluating the body’s bioenergetic field that emits information in the form of frequencies. These frequencies emitted from the field represents information about what is going on with the body/mind on a more subconscious level beyond our own comprehension. This information may be used as a way to bring about balance on a more conscious level of the body /mind and as I help the body attune and synchronize the particular frequency in question with a specific adjustment at a specific level/area it frees the life force and activates the innate healing process and improves the overall communication and alignment of your bioenergetic system. This makes the important difference between curing and healing.

My experience is that curing is a method or process that deals with resolving or suppressing a symptom and healing on the other hand is whole being restoration of right identification with wellbeing and health. Having said that, I also recognize that a cure may be valuable for stabilizing the body at certain times and that true healing has many manifestations that is often expressed through a persons own innate understanding. This might look like a person who is very ill while simultaneously being truly healed. Because once we have true healing it may take some time for it to manifest or it may be instantaneous. That we never get to know before hand. Which is once again the vast mystery of life and healing.

Who would use Bioenergetic Medicine?
○ The person that is in need of healing and support on a deeper level.
○ Anyone going through life challenges and is experiencing disconnection with self.
○ Someone struggling with chronic health conditions and seeking support with awakening to a new self expression.
○ Seekers of body/mind restorative therapy.
○ Anyone who desires a noninvasive modality to optimize their health.
○ Postoperative individuals who is challenged with energy reintegration of the body.

What are some of the benefits?
○ Increased ease in physical and emotional expression.
○ Release of unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs.
○ Increased ability to handle stress, process information and optimize performance by your body systems.
○ Pain pattern reduction and/or resolution.
○ Increase immune system health and overall healing potential.
○ Deeper body awareness with conscious participation in your own healing.
○ Slowing down the aging process by stopping the energy drain on your body system.
○ Increased energy, vitality and a sense of overall well being.
○ Increased capacity for love and compassion for self and others.

Transformation and healing can only occur when our whole being is attuned and available to the life force that governs our life experience.

Homeopathic Attunement
We also work with frequency specific vials to activate and attune the body’s innate healing system.

Sessions: Initial visit involves consultation, evaluation and treatment. Follow up visits consists of evaluation and treatment. Note that we don’t evaluate or treat symptoms but treat imbalances of the Bioenergetic systems.

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“My experience with Dr. Sandra created a powerful shift in my life. The bioenergetic medicine and heart math session was very eye-opening for me on my journey. She helped me become aware of my breath and the importance of connecting with my heart to live a happier, healthier life. She gave me deep insights into my body and spirit. It was so beautiful and inspiring to experience how she connects to her intuition and works with the earth’s energies to bring your BEing back into a state of harmony. I highly recommend her services!

-Shelby Sanchez, Nu Paradigm Muse Inspirer & Co~Creator

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